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04/12/2015 - Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - 10th December - Burgess Hill Labour Party recommends a “Yes” vote.

The Neighbourhood Plan sets out a framework for the development of the town over the next 20 years.

It provides for funding received from agreed housing development to be used for major improvements to the town.

There are proposals for a new Business Park and Science Park providing good quality jobs for local people.

Given that the town is already committed to accepting substantial new housing development the Neighbourhood Plan will protect our green and environmental heritage from Developers.

The public areas of the town will be re-designed with a new town square and quarters for entertainment and culture, retail, public offices etc.

Burgess Hill Labour Party acknowledges the difficulties of delivering what is a 20 year plan. As the town’s population steadily increases then robust leadership is required from councillors, business leaders and the community to ensure that delivery of the plan is realistic and kept in the hands of local Burgess Hill people.

Voting NO will just provide a free for all where Developers will continue to do as they like and will continue to ignore the local Community (as with the Keymer Tiles site) and will reduce the amount they are required to pay for infrastructure improvement to whatever they can get away with.

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