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04/12/15 – St Andrews Ward News

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – 10th December

Burgess Hill Labour Party recommends a "YES" vote

Burgess Hill Labour Party acknowledges the difficulties of delivering what is a 20 year plan. As the town’s population steadily increases then robust leadership is required from councillors, business leaders and the community to ensure that the plan is delivered and kept in the hands of local Burgess Hill people.

Voting NO will just provide a free-for-all where developers will:

Are you and members of your family part of the ’MISSING MILLIONS’?

The Government has changed the way we register to vote—all voters are responsible for registering themselves instead of this being done on a household basis.

This has reduced the number of people on the electoral register significantly—our research shows that many households on the register two years ago no longer appear. When new housing developments are taken into account, this is equivalent to some 850 fewer people on the register.

If you believe that or your members of your family may not be on the register, check with Mid Sussex District Council on 01444 477003 or via their website www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

If you are not on the register, you will not be able to vote in local referenda such as the neighbourhood plan or in any election, your credit rating could be at risk and it is against the law not to register.

The Manor Road Garages

Your previous Labour Councillor, David Andrews, fought hard to get the former garages in Manor Road demolished and the site put to good use. He was assured work was in hand yet still nothing has happened apart from the site being used as a builders compound. What are your Conservative Councillors doing to get rid of this eyesore?

The Keymer Tiles site

Work is in hand on the first phase of new houses on this site. Junction Road becomes ever busier as construction traffic is routed via Worlds End and soon construction traffic will also be exiting onto the busy Janes Lane. Yet your newly elected Conservative Councillors seem to be silent on what they are doing to protect local residents from the problems associated with this development.

Why do they not press for construction traffic to be routed via an entrance/exit off Kingsway as was intended in the original plans?

Losing Martlets Hall is a step too far

Investment to revitalise our town centre is welcomed by Burgess Hill Labour Party – but losing the Martlets Hall without any agreement to replace it is a step too far.

Mid Sussex District Council (MSDC) and their partners New River Retail are to redevelop Burgess Hill town centre. As part of this deal Martlets Hall has been handed over to the developers. New River have confirmed they have no intention of keeping it or building a replacement centre for arts, entertainment and community activities.

The Council’s decision to support the development was taken despite a petition of 6000 signatures supporting the retention of the Martlets Hall until a top-quality replacement is agreed for the town. This view is shared by many organisations that use the hall including the Theatre Club, local Philharmonic Orchestra, Ballroom Dancing Club and U3A.

Losing the town’s only purpose-built venue suitable for a variety of community activities, arts and entertainment events is a major blow for Burgess Hill. The Labour Party is deeply concerned that this decision was taken behind closed doors. The secrecy around the discussions by five Conservative Party Cabinet Members of MSDC—just one representing Burgess Hill—about the financial implications of the deal and the future of our town centre (the press and public were excluded from this part of the meeting) is worryingly undemocratic.

A Conservative leaflet admitted that losing the Martlets Hall is “clearly disappointing”—Burgess Hill Labour Party says this is a weak response from the party whose own councillors failed to use their power at the negotiating table to win a fairer deal for the people of this town.

In view of the widespread public interest, the Labour Party says such an important decision about Burgess Hill’s future ought to have been taken by the full council with opportunities for interested parties and campaigners to have their voices heard in the council chamber.

Sadly there are now no opposition councillors in MSDC so the Conservatives have no one to challenge their decisions. Labour is committed to campaigning to make Mid Sussex a better place to live for all and supports modernising Burgess Hill through transparent and democratic decision-making.

Burgess Hill is the most populous town in Mid Sussex with 30,000 residents and it is growing rapidly as housing development continues apace. A town of this size needs and deserves a dedicated arts and entertainment venue that caters for the interests and tastes of the whole community and attracts high-quality performances and visitors from nearby towns.

Burgess Hill Labour Party

Why not join the Labour Party and have your voice heard on issues that concern you with a chance to influence policy?

We have regular branch meetings once a month, campaigns in the town centre and a good programme of social activities.

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